Featured Sessions

  1. Regulatory and Enforcement Roundtable: Perspectives, Priorities, and Expectations
  2. The Evolving Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Landscape: Regulatory and Enforcement Developments, New and Emerging Threats, and How Hedge Funds Are Adapting to a New World
  3. Managing and Disclosing Potential Conflicts of Interest, Including Expense, Investment, and Trade Allocations, Fiduciary Responsibility Issues, and More
  4. New and Emerging Developments in Compliance Officer and AML Officer Personal Liability
  5. AML Compliance for Hedge Funds: Preparing for Heightened Regulatory Scrutiny, Identifying Beneficial Owners, Monitoring for Suspicious Activity, and Ensuring That You Have a Robust AML Program in Place
  6. SEC Oversight of Hedge Funds and How the Industry is Adapting: Emerging Trends, Areas of Focus, and Examination Considerations
  7. Developing and Fostering an Ongoing Robust and Comprehensive Compliance Program and a Firm-Wide Culture of Ethical Integrity and Compliance
  8. Insider Trading: Recent Enforcement Actions, Status of Salman and Its Potential Impact, Emerging Trends, and Best Practices for Mitigating the Risks of Insider Trading at Your Firm
  9. Bribery, Corruption, and Sanctions Risks for Hedge Funds
  10. Advertising, Marketing, and Solicitation Considerations and Potential Pitfalls: Best Practices for Performance Marketing, Disclosures, Communications with Investors, and More
  11. Pre-Conference Workshop – Preparing for and Undergoing an SEC Exam: What to Expect, What to Do, and What Not to Do